Synchronizing page margins?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 09:43

Unless you’re printing and binding, most scores these days (e.g. PDFs) use the same margins on each page, right?
I've noticed that when you change the values in MS's Format > Page Settings > Odd/Even Page Margin areas, some of the values change in the other area (Odd/Even) that you're not changing—but I haven't figured out why... It doesn't seem to be anything obvious.
How about making things simple—and at the bottom of the Odd Page Margin area, adding a “Make the Even Page settings the same” checkbox, so that users who want both pages' margins to be the same can select it (disabling and automatically synchronizing the Even Page controls), rather than having to adjust everything separately?
For what it's worth, here's a screenshot of Sibelius's Document Setup window, showing options for odd/even pages with same, mirrored (reversed) or different margins... Saves a lot of time! (This is Sib. 6, BTW—about 12 years old, so obviously it's inferior to MS in many other ways.)

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As mentioned, unchecking "two-sided" is what you want. By default, it does indeed assume you want traditional binding with inner vs outer as opposed to left vs right, and that's the simple logic of why changes are synced (eg, left of one page is right of the facing page and vice versa).

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Aha, there is a setting for that! I didn't see it, because it's in the wrong place.
Print margins have nothing to do with page size or orientation. So IMHO, the "Two-sided" checkbox should be in the Page Margins area, between Odd and Even, where it'll get the attention of anyone who wants to make the Even settings moot. (It actually makes "Odd" and "Even" moot, but I'm getting semantical.)

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