Applying "default typeface"?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 09:29

(re MS v3.6)
I opened a MusicXML document, and MS said: “Would you like to apply our default typeface (Edwin) to this score?”
But Edwin isn't a font choice in Format > Style > Score—and as far as I know, MS's default is now (the wonderful) Leland. So I'm guessing that message needs updating?


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So "typeface" means text, not music symbols? Are we supposed to know that?
I understand why the term "typeface" is used. It refers to a certain design. For example, Edwin is a typeface, a serif font with a particular look. Each of its variations (Edwin Regular, Edwin Bold, etc.) is called a "font".
But I don't think "typeface" is limited to text. It can be applied to music, too.
So perhaps it'd be clearer to say something like, "Would you like to use our default typeface, Edwin, for the text in this score?"

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