Zooming in on selection?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 09:19

I’ve noticed that in MS—unlike practically any other graphics-oriented app I've used—when you make a selection, then zoom in on it, the selection doesn’t stay centered, but can wander off the side of the screen.
Is this intentional? Why would you select something, zoom in, and not want the selection to remain visible? Doesn't it bear to reason that the selection is what you want to see more closely?
If I'm overlooking something, thanks for explaining. If I'm not, I suppose this is a feature request. :?)


How are you zooming? Ctrl+wheel should keep the mouse cursor in focus. The keyboard shortcut works from, I think, top left corner of what's visible. I guess it could use the selection if there happens to be one and it happens to be in view, but neither is always the case, which means a different algorithm would need to be used in the other cases, and then the results might seem kind of weirdly inconsistent. Sounds like changes have happened for MuseScore 4 here already?

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