Filtering selected area, not whole score?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 09:05

(re MS v3.6)
Hi guys,
In MS, how can you select everything in a specific voice in a specific (selected) range of bars?
In Sibelius (where I'm coming from), you could select a range of bars, then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[voice number] to select that voice's contents in that range.
I was sure MS would have similar functionality, but the closest thing I could find in the manual was:
> To select all elements of a specific type ...
> 1. Select an element
> 2. Right-click and choose Select
> 3. Several options are available ... “More” opens a dialog that lets you fine-tune more options ... “Same voice” selects all notes of same voice.
That works for selecting ALL of a voice's contents through the whole score (though I'm not sure why you'd ever want to do that). But how do you select it in just part of the score?
I'm probably overlooking something basic, so thanks for your indulgence. :?)


It starts pretty much the same as Sibelius. First define the range of operations (click on start of range, shift+click on end of range). Then right click on the element you want as the model for your filtered selection. Then use the various options from the selection menu.

See… and scroll down to All similar elements in range selection which probably describes it better than I did

Wanting to select all elements of a given voice for the entire score is actually incredibly common - very useful for manipulating choral scores, or orchestral scores with two parts on one staff, or rhythmic slash notation in jazz, or quite a few other applications.

If you do want to select just a specific type of element in a specific range in a specific voice, Select / More / Same voice & In selection.

It's also possible depending on what you are actually trying to do that the Selection Filter is the more efficient method. It would help if you posted a real-world sample score and described what you are actually trying to accomplish. Chances are decent there's actually a more direct way to do it.

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Hi guys,
Thanks for your replies. (Sorry for the delay—we moved, and things are just getting back to normal.)
I appreciate knowing that I can do what I've described by opening the Selection Filter and clearing and selecting its checkboxes.
But I notice you must do that before you select the range of bars you want to affect. (If you select them first, then you clear "All" in the Selection Filter—to select the voice you want—it cancels the selection. Does that really make sense? Why not have MS maintain the selection box, and simply select or not select the objects you choose in the Filter?)
So to do this, I must think: "Okay, I want to select only Voice 2 in these bars—so I'll stop looking at the score, open the Selection Filter, click the 'All' box to clear it, click 'Voice 2' to select it... Then I'll look at the score again and select the bars I want (okay, here they are)... Then I'll do my editing, then I'll need to close the Selection Filter to see other stuff over there..."
Versus simply selecting the bars and pressing a shortcut—boom!
Does something this basic need to be this complicated?
Can we assign shortcuts for "Select Voice 1", "Select Voice 2", etc.? I opened the Shortcuts dialog and searched for commands with select, but there's nothing at all about voices (see screenshot). Am I overlooking something?

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Think of the selecting filter as excluding things from a selection rather than including them.
If you exclude "All" from a selection, then there is nothing left to be selected, effectively clearing it.

So the thought flow for using the selection filter currently is not "I want to select voice2", but is "I don't want to select voices 1,3 and 4"

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