Changing beam groups affects only top staff?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 08:50

(MS v3.6) I created a score using a grand staff (treble and bass clefs). I wanted the 8th notes to be beamed in groups of two rather than four, so I followed the manual’s instructions:
1. Clicked the time signature to select it (which automatically selected it in both staves).
2. Opened the Inspector (F8).
3. Clicked Properties.
4. In the 1/4-note diagram, clicked the 3rd and 7th notes to create beamed groups of two.
The treble clef changed, but not the bass clef. In the screenshot:
1. Original bar 2. Changed Properties page 3. Result
I was able to select and separate the LH notes manually... But shouldn’t it have changed the whole score?

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There are situations where you'd want the changed beaming default to apply to all staves of the nstrument or even all staves if the score and others where you want it for a single staff or instrument only. MuseScore can't read your mind which of the 3 options you want (any would probably wrong about 66% of the time anyway) so stays on the conservative side and does only to the selected staff.

You can create your own time signature, with its own beaming rules, and apply that to the system.

The custom time signature is the way to go indeed. But it's indeed kind of unclear how time signature properties works - clicking a single time signature seems to select the whole column and works that way for "some" operations but not this one. I think there is currently work in MuseScore 4 to clean this up.

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