Section symbol pause occurs before MuseScore plays a Repeat

• Nov 6, 2021 - 08:31

By default a section symbol adds a three second pause after the final "beat" in the section. Nice feature, and great that the user can control the duration of the pause.

But if I've added a section mark to a measure with a "end repeat," and Pause > 0, I find an issue.

During playback two pauses occur—one each time MuseScore encounters the section symbol. I see no reason for the pause "on repeat." I'd expect the repeat to occur without pause. And then the "section induced" pause would occur only when MuseScore plays the last measure its final time.

Is the a setting to remedy this? Do I have an misguided expectation here?

Section break pause occurs before repeat Ex. 1.mscz

Example two is simpler and shows a similar behavior in a score with only a backward facing repeat.

Section break pause occurs before repeat Ex. 2.mscz


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