Rests not created in new voice?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 08:16

(MS v3.6) In this existing bar (see screenshot), I wanted to change the lower notes in beats 3 and 4 to Voice 2.
I selected the beat 3 notes and pressed Ctrl+Alt+2. They changed to Voice 2, but no Voice 2 rests were created after them.
The same thing happened when I selected and changed the beat 4 notes.

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Workaround: select the measure, Tools > Voices > Swap voice 1 - 2, do this twice.
I don't think this is to be seen as a bug though, as in voice 2-4 rests are not mandatory

I recall the subject coming up when this feature was implemented. I was in favor of adding the rests and in fact have also argued that we should disallow deleting them at all, as the "holes" that remain constantly cause people problems. But the consensus has always been otherwise.

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What? Rests in voice 2 "not necessary"? I've been notating for 30 years, and this is the first time I've heard that.
In music with similar, repeating figures, it's fine to omit rests after showing an example, then adding simile. It's also fine to omit rests for entire beats, when it's obvious the other voice fills the beat.
But that's not what I'm referring to here. These are events within beats. (On beat 4, I'd actually add the rests and beam the notes over the first one.) If I saw something like this in print, I'd think it was an oversight.

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Look at closed score SATB arrangements, esp, at sections where voice 1 (Soprno or Tenor) have the same rhythm as voice 2 (Alto or Bass): no need for duplicating the rests in both voices.
But as soon as you start entering notes on voice 2-4, those rests are created, you just can delete them if you want to.
If you don, just don't

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In the original example, they are indeed clearly needed. But not always. Classic example would a 4/4 measure containing four quarter note chords, but one just one beat, one of the three notes of the chord decides to move in eight notes. A second voice is needed for that beat only. So an editor has to use his/her judgement. Overall, more mistakes are made by removing rests that are needed than by including them unnecessarily.

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