Repeating Voice 2 also repeats Voice 1?

• Nov 6, 2021 - 07:58

(MS v3.6) When I select a note in a 2nd-voice chord, then press R to repeat (duplicate) it, the duplicate appears—but it also duplicates the Voice 1 notes/chords above it, to the same duration as the 2nd-voice chord (see screenshot). Shouldn’t it apply to only the selected (Voice 2) chord?
I've tried selecting all of the Voice 2 chord's notes—but when I press R, MS says “No note or rest selected: Please select a note or rest and retry.” (That colon should be a period or dash, BTW [wink].)
If I'm doing this wrong, what's the right way? Thanks!

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In note input mode, the "R" command does duplicate the current chord only, and it's a single keystroke. So that's the recommended way of using it, as opposed to leaving note input mode, then selecting one or more notes to copy, then pressing "R". When not in note input mode, the "R" command works by creating a range selection then duplicating that. So a way to get this effect would be to turn voice 1 temporarily in the selection filter before doing the command. Not better than just re-entering the chord for just those two notes, but could be useful if it repeats a lot.

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Thanks for your reply, Marc. Sorry for the delay; we've moved, and things are just returning to normal.
I've read your reply several times, but I'm afraid still don't quite understand.
I see the manual's reference to entering "Note Input mode" (by pressing N). But it doesn't explain what "Note Input mode" means—or why, in a notation program, you wouldn't be in "note input mode"—unless you'd selected a specifically non-note mode, such as creating text or adding symbols.
But as soon as you click a note or rest to select it, can't you assume you're back to "note input"? Why must there be "mode-toggling" for something so obvious?
If any of the other notation apps I'd previously used had required this, I might understand it. (I imagine Finale would—it seems like one of the complications for which it's famous—LOL!)

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As far as I know most notation programs do have some sort of concept of different modes to be in, for a very simple reason: you want the act of clicking to sometimes select things that are already there, and other times to add new things. Same with pretty much every graphics editing or desktop publishing program I know. It's a common paradigm, even if the specifics differ from program to program. Not sure which program you're are accustomed to or what exact sequence you have in mind that works differently, but somehow they must deal with the same fundamental issue.

As for whether selecting a note or rest should automatically move you into the note input mode, that wouldn't work - it would defeat use of click / Shift+click to create selections, and indeed, defeat many of the things you might be clicking a note for other than a precusor to entering more notes.

I'm not quite sure what this tangent has to do with the original question, though.

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