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• Nov 1, 2021 - 05:14

MuseScore 3.6

When I use the $I or $i tag in a header the result is blank, even though the part name is known in Part properties and is also in the part name box. Why? What am I missing? (This is in a single-part score, not a part generated from a larger score.)


Not sure what '$I' and '$i' are supposed to be, as far as I can tell no such macro exists, but the macro for partname would be '$:partName:'. It is set only in parts, not in the main score though

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$:partname: exists only in (linked) parts (created for File > Parts), not in the main score (unless manually added there, via File Score properties > New). And if there is no $:partname:, these $I and $i can't work either. I guess they should better not get shown too in the tool tip for the main score.

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Ah, OK, so I added partName to Score Properties (and populated it) in the main score, and it shows up in the header using any of "$I", $i", or $:partName:". That at least explains what's going on. What I would suggest, then, is that it be included as a property in the main score with the default value "All Parts" or something similar (language dependent). Then one would not need to mess with the tooltip, making it different for the main score and the parts.

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"Full Score" makes sense only in English. Any special casing IMHO isn't needed, a score with no linked parts simply doesn't have a pathName tag and doesn't need it either. If you personally absolutely need and want one it is simple enough to add, no extra codind for this is justifiable IMHO

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I respect your opinion but don't share it. Having some value there that can be used in the header even of the main score can in fact be quite useful (and yes, I've tested the workaround; it works, but at the very least the online handbook should document it). When one is printing the main score and all the parts for a full orchestration, one would like to set the header in the main score to include the part name macro so one does not have to go back and add it to the header of each part after part extraction; it will be populated into the parts automatically. Consider, for example, a header such as "Symphony of the Winds, $:partName:, Page $p". Besides appearing in each part with its part name, it will appear on the main score with "Full Score" (or something similar) for the part name, rather than just a comma. That makes very good sense.

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If a score has linked parts , those do have $:partName: available. You can add it so the main score's header/footer, but it won't print, and I don't see where that is an issue (you can tell a maon score from it's parts at one single glance: the main score has more than one instrument). If it is a problem for you, either drop that macro from the main score's header footer or just add it to its score properties, either is easy enough to do.

The handbook needs fixing for sure. It is like a Wiki, you can do it ;-)

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Yes, you can tell a main score from its parts at a glance. It is not my point to use the part name to make that distinction. Rather, it is to be able to have a consistent header that applies equally to the main score and all the parts, without having to edit either the header or the score properties to make it happen.

You said if I add it to the main score's header/footer it won't print (it doesn't unless you also edit the score properties) but you don't see where that is an issue. I just gave you an example where it is an issue. In that example, in the main score header you'd get "Symphony of the Winds, , Page 2" on the second page. The extraneous comma after the null part name is undesired, and that is an issue. To avoid it one or the other workaround must be used; either define it in the score properties or remove it from the header in the main score after extracting the parts. But if you remove it and then later edit something and re-extract the parts, you'd have to add it back while doing that, then remove it again before printing. That is an issue that my suggestion seeks to avoid. That's why I felt it was worth submitting in the issue tracker.

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About editing the handbook myself, if the issue as I submitted it in the issue tracker is actioned, that will affect what needs to be said in the handbook, and it will depend on how that is done. So I'd rather see what decision is made about that, and preferably let those who make that decision edit the handbook accordingly.

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So if the main score is just a single part (and you don't generate a part score from it), but you want to use this macro, it won't work?

My suggestion: If the score (main or otherwise) contains a single part, that's the part name the macro should return. Else it may be appropriate to return "All Parts" or something similar (language dependent). For a single part the source of the name would be the part name for the instrument, as seen in Staff and Part Properties.

If the "$I" and "$i" macros do not exist, either create them to match the popup or remove them from the popup and add "$:partName:" to it.

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