FEATURE REQUEST: Auto-slur melismas

• Oct 31, 2021 - 11:46

Sorry if this was requested before.
In modern notation it is common practice to add slurs to melismas. More specifically: whenever a syllable extends to two or more notes, such notes are usually connected by a slur.
I know this feature exists in Sibelius and Finale as a plug in, so I took for granted that it would exist in Musescore as well, but I couldn't find it. Any chance it might be added?
PS: I've just finished transcribing a 90 pages choral work. A simple plug in for auto-slurs would save enormous time compared to adding them manually. I can't be the only one who would need this, right?


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I'm not composing, but only transscribing, I guess there's the difference. If you compose a melody and than add lyrics, you may find only then that slurs are needed at places.
Logic-wise your right though, you'd add slurs because there are melismas. And not every slur does get a melisma (sing legato), but every melisma gets a slur

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