Musescore 3 Crashes on Open

• Oct 30, 2021 - 02:28

As title says. Crashes before I can open a score. What can I do?


What OS? What version of MuseScore?
Has MuseScore ever worked for you?
How exactly are you opening MuseScore - by usiing a (desktop) icon? (double) clicking on a MuseScore (.mscz) file?

See the Handbook section on reverting to factory settings, and if that doesn't help, then as mentioned, we'd need more info (OS, version of MuseScore, etc).

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So when is it that MuseScore crashes? you've said a couple of different things. So you click on the icon and how far does the program get? Does it not try to open? Does it get to the splash screen, then disappear? Does it get to the UI? Then crash when you try to open a score?
Or do you double click on a score to open MuseScore?
Uninstall and reinstall is unusually a waste of time. But you might run a search of your computer for anything related to MuseScore, then delete what comes up. Then reinstall. That might help.

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Open from either shortcut or applications, result is the same. I’m asked if I want to restore session. I click no. Opens to the splash screen and then crashes. When I reset to default, the restore option disappeared and opened to the splash screen before crashing again.

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