Constant crashing in Mac OS Big Sur and MuseScore 3.6.2

• Oct 29, 2021 - 16:11

It might stay running less than a minute or maybe 10 minutes; usually not longer than that.

I'm on Big Sur in a MacBook with the M1 chip. MuseScore 3.6.2. When the app closes, automatically I often lose some of my work.

As I manually enter notes or text into charts I created in that sitting or the previous, it keeps crashing and I have to re-open it, usually losing several previous entries.

It seems to occur in any mode -- Text entry (Chord symbols, Rehearsal marks), note entry (eighth and quarter notes and rests), etc. I often loose a little with each crash -- many times per hour.

I'll do more research, but will look back here for answers. It might just be a compatibility issue with Apple's new architecture.


If you can attach a score and specific steps to reproduce the problem, we can begin investigating. My guess is it will turn out to be either a corrupt score causing a problem on the autosave, or else you have enabled a special accessibility macOS feature for displaying text on hover that seems to cause a number of applications problems.

I'm having the same problem. I haven't used Musescore in a while and it was working before. I upgraded to 3.6.2 and now it hangs in spinning pizza a few minutes into a session. I have no special accessibility features enabled and Musescore has always worked for me. I'm in 3.6.2. Attaching a screenshot of the score, though it's not like that shows you anything but the fact that I'm definitely not trying to do anything fancy! I'm on an iMac 2017, Big Sur v. 11.6.

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Marc, I also noticed that you said this:
"corrupt score causing a problem on the autosave, or else you have enabled a special accessibility macOS feature for displaying text on hover"
I started with a completely new score create from the jazz lead sheet template, and I said before, I do not have accessibility turned on. Thanks.

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OK, so I did some more testing.
The problem is definitely not autosaving. The app crashes within 3 minutes whether it's autosaving or not, whether I save or not.

However, when I uncheck "Enable MIDI input" in prefs, the crashing is completely gone. There's your problem. Please fix?

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Since there is no crash for other Mac users with MIDI input enabled, though, there must be something very specific about your setup that is triggering this. Perhaps a MIDI or other USB device sending spurious input? In order to investigate, we need to know how to reproduce the problem, and that means identifying and being able to duplicate the specific unique aspect of your particular system that triggers the problem.

Musescore 3.62. crashing big time for me and all this began when I upgrade my macOS from High Siera to Big Sur. The crashing is so bad that Musescore has become unusable for me. I was sending the midi out to IAC Driver Bus which then gets picked up by Ableton Live, where Ableton Live acts as the sound engine. I use keyboard short cuts a lot (hey old school, but fast and efficient), like Command + S (save -- important), Command + C (copy), Command + X (cut) and Command + V (paste) -- crashes can happen with any of these. Obviously with such commands, no midi was being sent out. I deleted the Musescore App from my hard drive, then reinstalled a fresh copy from Musescore web sight -- still crashes. Crash logs have been sent out the Apple (hey, it's an auto feature, so why not). On High Siera Musescore was quite stable. Reading the various other comments, the accessibility OS feature seems to be a culprit, but what setting? So there you go, you are not the only one with troubles.

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