Copy notes but not chord names

• Oct 28, 2021 - 20:23

How do I copy the notes for a melody and paste them somewhere else, without copying/pasting the chord names or lyrics? This used to work with F4 but I have purchased a new computer and F4 now turns on youtube.

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Most computers - whether new or old - have an Fn key in addition to the actual function keys. Depending on the settings in your OS or in your computer's firmware, you might need to press Fn as well as F6 to get it to actually behave as F6 instead of whatever other function it has.

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Weird, and neither does F6 by itself? Sounds like your Fn key is defective. Or perhaps you are running some other third-party utility that "steals" this keystroke (eg, I know some screen capture programs do things like this).

But do check Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and before sure that particular shortcut wasn't previously overridden within MuseScore. Because if your computer is working properly - old or new - it should be capable of sending F6, and if does send it, MuseScore should respond to it. It neither knows nor cares how old your computer is, it just needs the keystroke to be generated by your keyboard and sent by your OS. And in any case, if your computer for whatever reason is not properly sending the F6 to MuseScore, you can redefine the shortcut here to something your system does properly send.

F4 now turns on youtube.

F6-> Filter?
No. That changes the brightness of the screen.

To me, it seems rather odd that a function key is "locked" to something that an owner may rarely (or never) use, without an option to change it to something more practical. I would check for any keyboard documentation regarding "special features".
I still use a keyboard from 2001 that has keys originally locked to websites like - which are no longer in business. Fortunately the driver allows access to change such nonsense to something actually useful.

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