D.S., Segno, and 1st/2nd Endings Not Working Well Together

• Oct 28, 2021 - 07:35

This file observes the repeats and the 1st and 2nd endings at measures 17 and 19, but it ignores both the 1st ending at Measure 47 and the D.S. at Measure 48. Instead, it jumps to the 2nd ending at 49.
How can I make these work properly?

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There you're using voltas but no repeat barline, that might work, but is pretty much non-standard, as voltals are alternateive endings for simple repeats, those denoted with repeat barlines.

And the D.S. is not set up to honor repeats, enabling that (in Inspector) should fix the issue.
Edit: No, it does not...
Better use a D.S. al coda (with repeats)

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I updated the Volta numbers and then to simplify things, removed the D.S. and segno markings.
Unfortunately, this revealed a problem with the Voltas at measures 47 and 49: when the player reaches measure 46, it skips to measure 49 . Measures 47 and 48 don't get played at all.
Could there be some sort conflict with the numbers from the previous Voltas at measure 17 and 19?

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The play count for a Volta is compared again the start repeat reference point for that Volta.
The start repeat reference point is wherever the playback would return to if you'd add a normal end repeat barline at that point.

Since you have no start repeat reference anywhere between the first set of Voltas and the one at m47 you are still on the 2nd playthrough; hence a first Volta is skipped.

Ask yourself this: for that open Volta at m19, where does it really end? The answer is at the end of m46 because it encounters a new Volta at m47

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Thank you for the explanation. I made some changes and shortened the file to just the jumps, however I continue to have one problem I can't figure out.
All the jumps seem to work OK, except that now the Player skips the 3rd Volta at measure 5, and instead jumps to the 4th Volta at measure 7.
How can I get the Player to observe the 3rd Volta at Measure 5 and then play the 4th Volta at Measure 7?

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It took a bit of work, but here's the same file "folded" as you suggest, now 14 measure shorter. The only difference in measures 35-48 was in the piano right hand, on measure 48. Otherwise, the melody and accompaniment were identical in the verses, measures 5-17.
And in the process, I was able to get rid of the D.S. and the Segno that were giving me problems.
Good call - thanks!

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For reference, if you wanted to keep the original visual roadmap:

  1. Change the labels on the D.S. to make it a D.S. al Coda (or apply a D.S. al Coda and double click it to change the text)
  2. Change the repeatlist for the volta1 in m47 to be '2' (knowing it is actually playing the second repeat here)
  3. Add a "To Coda" at the end of m46 and a "Coda" at m49 and mark them invisible
  4. Check the "play repeats" option for the D.S.(al Coda)

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