Request: please more options for metronome

• Oct 25, 2021 - 04:15

In compound and odd meters, the metronome plays every pulse. For example, in a 6/8 time signature, with two beats per bar, the metronome clicks six times per bar instead of just two. It would be great to have the option to program the metronome so that it clicks only on every beat in compound and odd meters, as it does in simple time signatures.


Ok, by specifying the tempo with a dotted quarter note, I get only two clicks per bar in 6/8, which is what I want. My above request, to be able to specify a beat pattern, is more pertinent for odd meters, such as 7/8.

Yes, please Musescore Team, I would really appreciate pulse options for the metronome. There are some cases where the automatic pulse throws off the way you want the music to be felt and no other equivalent time signature exists to correctly notate the way the pulse should be felt.

For example, I am trying to write a piece that alternates between 6/4 and 11/8. It is supposed to be felt in a quarter note pulse, but a eight note is "chopped off" every other measure giving it a specific effect. However, the 6/4 pulse really throws the whole thing off.

Writing it in 12/8 creates a dotted quarter note pulse, writing it in 6/4 creates a dotted half note pulse, and writing it in 3/2 creates a half note pulse. There is no good way to write it with the pulse that I want. The work around would be to write two measures of 3/4 or three measures of 2/4; but then it's a lot of work creating "custom" barlines, making the 3/4 or 2/4 objects invisible, putting a 6/4 time signature that is only visible in the final draft, etc.

Since we already have the ability to create custom time signatures, I feel like it would make sense to have the metronome rely on the note groups for the pulse. This is what I imagine it looking like (left is current, right is revised):
You pick the box of the note duration that you want the metronome to rely on, then the metronome will pulse for every note grouping. For the quarter note, you could probably put accents or something to notate the pulse.

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