Inspector spinboxes lose focus when typing

• Sep 7, 2014 - 22:32
Graphical (UI)
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2.0 nightly 4db8a81 Ubuntu

It's impossible to type more than 1 digit at a time into a spinbox in the inspector as every time you press a key the box loses focus. For instance, to type the number "80" into the velocity box of a dynamic you have to click the box, press "8", click the box again, then press "0".

If you use the numbers at the top of the keyboard it also selects the note length while you try and type. If you use the keypad it doesn't change the note length, but it does exhibit the same issue of losing focus.


I cannot replicate under Linux Mint 17 Mate (which is a derivative of Ubuntu, but with a different desktop), neither the focus loosing nor the top-row numbers selecting note value in addition to typing.

I tried with note velocity and a few other spin boxes. Any additional detail, useful to diagnose the issue?



I'm running the 32-bit nightly under 64-bit Ubuntu Trusty, using Gnome as the desktop.

Here's a screencast of it happening: - unfortunately it didn't capture the mouse pointer right, but you can see the highlight of the focus vanishing as soon as a single digit is pressed.

I have just compiled the github version in linux 64 and the problem seems to have gone. It may have been an issue of running the 32 bit under a 64 bit OS. However, there is still a nasty 1 second delay between pressing a key and the number appearing in the spinbox.

Most others seem fine, it's only really the ones in the inspector. Spin boxes in the style windows all work fine. One other I have found is a little sluggish, which is the "first page number" of the Page Settings window, but that's understandable as it has to re-render the page preview every time it changes.

Ok, but is it literally spinboxes in Inspector or just some? Which ones specifically? Can you post the score you are having problems with and exact step by step instructions to reproduce the problem,

It seems to be all widgets in the inspector, not just spin boxes. All of them have a large delay after pressing/changing/selecting etc them.

However, I just tried to replicate it in a new score and it wasn't happening. The score I am working with is rather large - 448 measures, 8 staves, so it looks like it's the size of the score that's the problem. Is it having to do lots of score recalculations when you change a value? Does it have to iterate the entire score to make one small change?

Also it seems that adjusting the pitch of one single note (select it, press up-arrow) is also subject to the same delay. It looks like it's the updating of the score data in memory that is slow, not the operation of the widgets.

I've attached the score, but it's copyrighted (not by me) so please don't share it ;)

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Yes, indeed - the entire score is updated on any any change that affects layout - whether from the Inspecotr or directly operating on the score. So editing of any form does indeed get slow with very large scores. This is something we hope to look at in the future, but there is a separate issue for this: #23546: Score editing extremely slow.

So I'm closing this issue. If the original problem returns, please reopen it and see if you can produce precise steps to reproduce.