Musescore getting back to a set position in my score after a while when entering new notes

• Oct 22, 2021 - 16:47

Hi, I have been writing an orchestral score for several months (71 pages so far) and suddenly, at anytime or when on new notes mode since a little time without using it, the reading head of Musescore goes by itself to the same bar (far, far away...), always. It's bothering, because I need to grab the score and get back to the position I was working on.

Any cues ? What seems to be the pb here ? ANd how can I solve it ?

Tx 4 your help...



It's hard to say without seeing your score and having precise steps to reproduce the problem, but my guess is, there is something corrupt in the score - do you see messages about when opening it? if fixing any reported corruptions doesn't solve it, please attach the score and tell us how to reproduce the problem.

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Thanks. I attached my score. As it's an authorial creation, I erased nearly all the contents but the part where musescore comes back by itself (bars 26 and 27, generally showing the woodwinds). You can enter 2 or 3 new notes ("N") in any other part of the score afterwards (maybe woodwinds would be better), wait for a short time and the move should happen.

Thanks again for your help.

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Please give specific steps - like exactly which notes to enter into which measure. Otherwise, there is simply no way to know if we are doing the same as you. Also say how you are entering them - by clicking with the mouse, typing with keyboard, the on-screen piano keyboard, MIDI, etc. As I said, I tried random things and didn't see a problem.

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I tried this and it did, indeed, jump back to show Measure 27 at the top left. Tired again twice and nothing happened then on the fourth try it jumped back to 27 again. The cursor stayed where it was, however, still focused on the E that had just been entered and UpArrow, DownArrow took the view back to those notes in 167. BUT, if I clicked with the mouse immediately after the view jumped then an A was entered on the second stave in bar 28.

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I was able to get it to happen by follow the steps, thanks. I think what triggered it was the autosave, which triggers a full relayout as opposed to the partial relayout that happens normally while entering notes. Lending credence to this is, you can force it to happen sooner by doing an explicit save after any change in that measure.

So, this also tells me that there is something "off" in the score that causes MuseScore to think page 2 is especially relevant. I'm not totally sure what the trigger is, but I note it doesn't happen if I turn multimeasure rests off. So somehow I think there is a corruption involving the connection between the multimeasure rests and the underlying rests. Anyhow, not a real answer but certain a very viable workaround here, since you probably didn't actually mean to have mutlimeasure rests turned on the for score in the first place.

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