Instrument Name Problems

• Oct 18, 2021 - 21:30

Hi folks!

Is there any way to get an Instrument Name to stay in a custom position? I can move it (picture 1), but when I save the file, it moves back to it's original position (picture 2).

I would appreciate any help!


How are you moving the instrument name? As far as I know, there shouldn't actually be controls for that directly because they are generated on the fly - only the ability to set default positions via style settings.

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I see, I don't think it was supposed to be possible to move the instrument names manually for the reason I mentioned. So not a surprise that this position isn't saved.

But FWIW, if your desire is to produce a more professional appearance to your scores, I would consider reconsidering your assessment of the default :-). Most modern publishers right-align instrument names, and it's the recommendation of engraving experts like Elaine Gould, which is why MuseScore does this as well. Older editions do traditionally center them, and we could definitely support that someday. But left-aligning as you see to be trying to do here is rare and not really recommended as it can separate a label from its staff by a significant amount.

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