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• Oct 17, 2021 - 10:21

I do not know what you have done to the MSCZ file scores but I can NOT open ANY of them?
I have scores going back several years and I am asked to use a shorter title this I have done with limited success. I am now having NO success?
I have installed the latest MuseScore format and the errors started?
I cannot open the MASTER copy of the score, (the master copy), to make changes and convert to MP3 output… I CANT OPEN IT to do it?
I have 3 years of scores copied from the sheet music, this is NOT scanned but created using MuseScore.
I do NOT want to do all this work again because I have NO IDEA if it will stay useable?
I am an entertainer to senior citizens and nursing homes. I play clarinet and the backup is the written piano score
And now the scores, I estimate, are 70% unusable and I will have to writing them all from start again? BUT will they stay stable?
Very concerned
Barry Austin
Tried to drag a file... didn't want to go?


I do not know what you have done to the MSCZ file scores but I can NOT open ANY of them?

Please attach one that won't open so someone here can have a look.

When you try to open a MuseScore file, are you getting an error message like the one below?


If so, you are trying to use the older MuseScore 2 program to open a score in the newer MuseScore 3 format. If you have scores in MS2 and MS3 format, you need to keep them apart.

And if you are still running MS2 and MS3 on the same computer, you must have a clear policy about which scores get upgraded to MS3 format - and in which folder the newer MS3 format scores get saved.

You say you cannot open any of them - how exactly are you trying to do so, and what goes wrong when you try. Tell exactly when you are clicking or pressing, and the exact text of the error message that appears, and also attach the file in question here, we can probably help.

But for the record, nothing has changed about how scores are opened, not recently, not ever actually. The usual way to open a file from within MsueScore remains File / Open just as it has been since day one and is the standard way to open files in pretty much much any computer program. Assuming the file you then select is an actual MuseScore file (eg, MSCZ), it should open without difficulty.

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Hello again Marc, I have the latest version of MuseScore installed.
Scores I have written 2 to 3 months ago and completed are needed to be added to my music programs for the sake of variety.
I need to COPY them and parts of them into the new programs I play from.
So I return to the original score copy in the saved copies of documents which are saved under the music title.
I highlight the MSCZ score I want to copy and try to copy the piano part to transfer it into a new music program by... "Send to drive E" but it wont open up?
Usual comment is "The Title is too long too many words, reduce the title". I have reduced the title to ONE word: Night-mscz! and still nothing happens?
I am now rewriting one song I particularly want because that's the only way I will be able to duplicate it to place it in the new program? BUT I still do not know if that will be stable.
Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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As mentioned, "send to drive E" is not a MuseScore command. So perhaps you are having some sort of more fundamental computer management problem. How about if you simply open the file normally - no "send to drive E", just open msueScore normally, go to File / Open normally, browse to your folder normally, select your file normally, click Open normally, no fancy sending to drive E?

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