How achieve this in v3?

• Oct 16, 2021 - 11:02

In MuseScore 2 I have a score with this effect (i.e. the cantor's bar in line with the choir soprano line, minimizing vertical space used):
achieved by hiding empty staves, and with a horizontal frame. In MS2 if I allow empty staves it looks like this:

I want to work on the score in MuseScore 3 now, but after accepting the new layout and font options, I am having trouble reproducing this effect.

With empty staves hidden it still looks like this (i.e. it won't hide them):

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Hide Empty staves
Two horizontal frames with a system break inbetween them:
* The first one is used to squeeze the cantor measure back to a normal width
* The second one is used to push the remaining measures past the cantor measure
Then add a fixed spacer to the cantor measure and set its height to -4 sp

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That's incredibly clever, I'll have to remember that one!

My approach would probably be to not have the can't a separate staff, but simply use the existing top staff, then enable the "cutaway" options on the other staves. but, you might also need to play games with the barline and/or brackets. Realistically, I'm be more likely still just to notate it "normally".

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