Copying and inserting measures

• Oct 15, 2021 - 22:31

Please could the ability to copy and insert measures be created? i.e. not have to allocate a certain number of bars in advance of the copy. Soo important.


In a way I can agree with you, because that's how a word processor works. But a word processor doesn't have multiple staves like a symphony orchestra - and I don't want the default copy-and-paste Insert to open up a random number of blank measures in every stave.

For the the Append operation (where you want to paste in a number of measures at the end of the piece), the paste operation already adds any required extra measures at the end if you paste into an empty final measure.

The simple workaround is to append a chosen number of measures before you even start to enter any notes. Perhaps 100 or 200 measures at the end of your score? And if you need to open up some space in the middle of the score, the Insert key (repeated n times) can help.

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Thanks. I don't fully understand your concerns. In the sort of score I'm talking about, I just need to insert my copied measures, whether it creates blank measures or not. (Not interested in the Appending side of things).
This simple facility would save me oodles of time.

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Look at it this way. When you copy 5 measures, only your clipboard knows that you have indeed copied 5 measures. MuseScore has no idea how many measures you have copied. Or what you want to do with them. There is no connection between MuseScore and the clipboard, to speak of. So you need to tell MuseScore how many measures you have copied with the insert measures tool.
In any event, you would have to tell MuseScore whether you are pasting or inserting. As it is, it's just an extra step to set how many measures you are inserting.

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I don't think Word cares how many words you copy. Notation is more complicated. It has to deal with many different things. What if I only wanted to insert one measure and part of another?
Although, for me, the word "append" is a slightly odd term to use under the heading of "Add".
Don't get me wrong. What you suggest could be useful.
But then my viewpoint is from the perspective of someone who used to compose orchestra scores by hand. I had to be right the first time. Anything software does is a miracle to me.

To me what is missing here is a way to deal with the less complete copy-and-paste-insert action.
If I only copied half a measure, or 4,75 measures but only from 2 of the 5 staves. Can we define a useful flow that would reach consensus in such cases too?

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I'd do this:
A. [PARTIAL 4.75 bars from SOME instruments]
4.75 bars from only some instruments? It is not a whole number of bars so refuse!.
B. [PARTIAL 4.75 bars from ALL instruments]
Same with ALL instruments? Accept the insert.
C. [WHOLE 5 bars from ALL instruments]
All instruments for a 5 bar range (30 in all)? Accept and insert all of them.
D. [WHOLE 5 bars from SOME instruments]
5 bars from just some instruments? Copy the selected instruments' 5 bars and insert blanks for the rest.

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Don't understand, sorry. You've selected just a single instrument to copy and paste. Why would it assume that you wanted the other instruments too? Maybe I misunderstand. But it is exactly what happens when you reserve space beforehand. All that is happening is that the system reserves those bars automatically instead of you doing it manually in advance.

Hi Ali, this already exists.
1. Insert ONE new bar/measure (if that is all you need, you can insert as many as you need)
2. Now copy the bars/measures you want to duplicate and paste them where you want them in the new bars
Barry A

I agree with this being important: a select and copy/cut/delete equivalent to the Sibelius Ctrl-select.
Does this count as a request? If not, please enlighten me.

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