Instrument Change also changes instruments on other staves

• Oct 15, 2021 - 03:04

I have also sent in an issue report regarding this.

To reproduce this bug:
1. Set up a score with 2 or more different instruments (In my case, oboe and Bb clarinet)
2. Implement an instrument change on both staves in the same measure, do not use m. 1 (Measure 7, oboe to English horn, Bb clarinet to Eb clarinet)
3. Change the Long or Short instrument name of the FIRST staff AFTER the instrument change (don't clear the fields)

Using my example, the second staff that's meant to be Eb clarinet at that measure is somehow now English horn along with the first staff after I changed the oboe.

Please address this. It shouldn't be happening at all. It only wastes time for everyone who uses this feature.

There are additional issues connected to this:

  • For instrument changes like Flute to Piccolo or Bassoon to Contrabassoon (an octave apart) the program decides to slap on the same clef and key signature (for no apparent reason). Not as big of an issue with the one above, but nonetheless is worth addressing.

  • When you change from an instrument that transposes in one key to another instrument that transposes in a different key (e.g. Bb clarinet to A clarinet and vice versa) the wrong key signature is placed. The key signature appears to build off of the previous key sig., as if said key sig. was already in concert pitch.
    Example 1: Concert key is E-Major (4 sharps), so the Bb clarinet should have 6 sharps. Changing it to the A clarinet results in 3 sharps, which is incorrect (it should be 1 sharp).
    Example 2: Concert key is F-Major (1 flat), so the A clarinet should have 4 flats. Changing it to the Bb clarinet results in 2 flats, which is incorrect (it should be 1 sharp).
    It is also worth noting that such instrument changes also ignore the Open/Atonal key (no key sig. for any instrument) and puts on the key signature that corresponds to as if the concert key was C-Major/a-minor (no sharps or flats).
    Note: The transposition issue does not occur when you have everything set in Concert Pitch. I, however, am someone who prefers to write transposed scores, so I consider this troublesome.

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