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• Oct 14, 2021 - 15:16
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Hi all, this is an issue I have been following for some time now and I see it has been addressed on other occasions. Just as there is a "virtual piano keyboard" display, where you can choose to see the notes of the whole measure, just one of them, or a whole chord, there should also be such an option for guitar.

This is a feature I used to use in Guitar Pro, especially when I had to study more difficult scores, or, on the higher treble part of the guitar, where I don't usually play, and seeing on a virtual guitar the location of the notes in the bar helps a lot for finger placement and choosing the best position. It even helps with fingering and gives the possibility to see globally the positions that are repeated throughout the measures, so that you can optimize your playing to move the hand as little as necessary in the different measures.

Also, it's a feature that has a lot of approval among the Musescore community, and honestly, it's the only feature I miss from Guitar Pro. There is also a request to use that guitar diagram as a method of note input, but my request doesn't go that far, it's simply about visualization.

I would be enormously grateful if you could try to introduce this feature.

I would also like to add that if I can be of any help, I would be happy to do whatever it takes within my possibilities. I know programming, mostly in Python, but I have also studied C and C++ although I have never worked with GUIs.

Guitar neck like a Piano Keyboard
Add realt-time fingering feature
Introduce a virtual 24-guitar fret board as a Note entry system
Virtual guitar
Implement a note input mode with a guitar fretboard


Hi @Jojo-Schmitz, I am aware of that issue, and what is proposed there is the introduction of notes through the virtual instrument, but as I indicated, I don't want to go that far, I just need the visualisation of the notes. Also, that issue seems to be still open and has not been resolved.

As well, the issue you mention proposes an add-on that fulfils this function. I have tried it but honestly, although I appreciate the work of the developer, it does not meet my expectations. Also, I think it would be better if a basic function like this was implemented in the core of Musescore, not through external plugins. All this adds value and makes the software more attractive.

This issue hewre still seems to be a duplicate to me.
What else that requested there do you need?

If a fretboard for note input would get implemented natively, it'd surely works the same as the piano keyboard does, which a) allows note input and b) shows what the notes in the score are on the keyboard.

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OK, I understand, but as this issue is more than 3 years old, I thought it was no longer being worked on. Anyway, I don't think it would have hurt to refresh it again. 😊

Sorry, I made a mess with the status.
You can leave it in duplicate again if you like.

Thanks for the quick reply.