Instrument request: shakuhachi

• Oct 12, 2021 - 09:25

I see it's included in the soundfonts so why isn't it in the instrument list?


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Hmmm there's no transposition to the best of my knowledge. I see some score examples with standard staff notation and shakuhachi notation side by side (, and by reference to the shakuhachi notation charts (like that on the Wikipedia), there's no transposition.

While I believe in the description of range in the Japanese Wikipedia, I also took notes of several other finger charts available on the Internet ( The English Wikipedia page also tells us "using techniques [...], combined with embouchure adjustments and fingering techniques the player can bend each pitch as much as a whole tone or more." So I'm pretty sure C4 is possible in a standard model.

I don't find any short name attested. I see in the program that koto is shortened to ko. and shamisen to sh. How were these attested?

Edit: I see a short name "shak." in this score…

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OK, try this score then

It used the following addition to instruments.xml:

                  <description>Japanese Bamboo Flute</description>
                        <!--MIDI: Bank 0, Prog 77; MS General: Shakuhachi-->
                        <program value="77"/> !--Shakuhachi-->
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