Adding notes of different duration at the same beat

• Oct 11, 2021 - 00:33

How do you place say a quarter note on beat 2 and an eighth note also on beat 2?
I read somewhere that you use voices to do this but is there an better instruction somewhere in the docs?


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OK, thanks guys. I deserved that. I had voices confused with parts. Now that I have the voices more or less under control, is there a way to associate lyrics with voice #2? Lyrics seem to default to voice #1 with no way to change that.

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Make sure your 2nd voice starting note is selected (watch for the 2 in the toolbar to highlight), then press ctrl-L to enter lyrics. The new lyrics will be associated with your voice 2 notes, and should follow voice 2 as you type them in.

You can test this by making a sample score with half notes in voice 1 and quarter notes in voice 2. Entering lyrics after selecting a voice 1 half note will associate them with your voice 1 phrase, and pressing space should jump your text cursor ahead to the next half note.

If you instead select a voice 2 quarter note and begin lyric entry, pressing space will jump ahead to the next quarter note instead, as the lyrics are now associated with the voice 2 quarter notes.

You can further test this by entering lyrics on both voice 1 and voice 2, then selecting a note in voice 1 and deleting it. The associated v1 lyric will vanish also, but the v2 lyric will remain unaffected.

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Thank you Al. There are some slight nuances with my score that are preventing me from getting it to work See attached. The lyrics for verse 1 & 2 are all associated with voice 1. However since verse 2 has slightly different timing in measure 10, I created voice 2 to deal with it. Now I want to add the lyric for verse 2 (voice 2) in measure 10 and 11. The words are "When you're on the street" with the first 4 words following the 16th notes in measure 10 and the the word "street" attached to the first half note in measure 11. If you give it a try, you will see my dilemma.

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I was able to enter those lyrics "when you're on the street" attached to voice 2 (see attached jpg).

Was selecting the first note of voice 2 the issue? I got around it by selecting the 2nd voice 2 sixteenth note and pressing the left arrow to move back to the first one (which shares the notehead with the eighth note of voice 1).

Apparently you can also just select the voice 1 notehead, then ctrl-click to select the voice 2 notehead "under" it. I then pressed ctrl-L and enter to get down to the 2nd lyric line and entered the lyrics normally. Hope this helps!


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