• Oct 5, 2021 - 22:12

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on some mediaeval music that I’d like to create a critical edition of. Printed neumes on the top staff and modern rotation on the bottom. I have attached to examples of what I’m talking about.

I’m new to MuseScore but it has some formatting options that other programs don’t that would make this whole process a lot more possible. That is, if I can find a way to import the graphics to represent the new neumes.

I’ve read through a bunch of similar questions on the forms but I can’t quite find the answer to my question.

How do I import the necessary graphics and tell MuseScore to replace notes with them?

Any help is appreciated.


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I can't guarantee all the symbols you might need are included, but try pressing "Z" to display the symbols palette, then expand the "Symbols" listing on the left to display the full list of categories. You'll see a number of medieval categories, and they contain quite a few of these symbols. So they can be added directly to any note (and you can hide the note itself). If something is missing, that's worth reporting to the folks who maintain the SMuFL standard for music fonts - if it's defined by SMuFL, it's in Bravura, and thus in MuseScore. But meanwhile, you can simply paste in any graphic you like, or use drag&drop. You can also drop symbols or graphics into a palette for easy reuse.

BTW, you don't need to manually create, add, and hide custom time signatures to create unmetered music - much easier to just use the split & join commands in Tools / Measures, and/or the "actual duration" setting in Measure Properties.

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