Certain notes whose spelling cannot be changes

• Oct 5, 2021 - 15:20


has anybody ever used these notes in their composition: E double sharp, B double sharp, C double flat and F double flat? Musescore cannot change the spelling of these notes I have mentioned.

In my opinion, you should not use these notes ever. I have only seen B double sharp in one piece of music by Grützmacher and I would never have composed like that.

So you should avoid these four notes in general and even look after them when you transpose a piece of music. This occurs very seldom, but it cann occur.


The most extreme I have seen is A triple-flat, in a 20th century piano sonata ... it is possible to justify by the melodic line, although I'd say in this case "this way it looks more depressing" might have played into it. :)

It's presumably true the "J" command won't give you any of those, but you can if you wish enter them directly, and as mentioned, they can result from transposition.

These notes would potentially come up if you spell certain chords correctly in certain keys, so I wouldn't be in a hurry to lie about the harmony. Might make sense for a single-line instrument, but not necessarily much for piano or guitar where it is usually important to be able to visualize the entire chord. That said, it would depend on the context - I'd certainly be looking for alternatives. But most likely, any other spelling would create other problems, so it would be important to consider the entire chord and preceding and following notes as well in making the decision.

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