Changing Default Beaming

• Sep 30, 2021 - 04:39
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S3 - Major
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3/4 Time Signature
Select time signature – Time Signature Properties – Note Groups
Change note groups to 6 beamed 8ths
Click OK
Notes still beam as 3 pairs instead of one group of 6

In the Time Signature selection, it doesn't seem possible to set 1/dotted half as the time signature (which would solve the beaming issue).


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Are you sure the notes themselves don't have explicit beam properties overrides on them? In general this should work and does for me. If you have a score where it doesn't, please attach it so we can investigate.

I'm not understanding the second part - are you asking for an option to display the time signature differently, using a note name rather than the traditional numbers That's been requested elsewhere and hopefully will be supported in a future version. But that wouldn't directly affect beaming.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did finally get it to work as it should (all 8ths beamed in a 3/4 measure), however it took several iterations (6 or so attempts) of before the change actually took effect.

I did exactly the same process every time, but, when returning to the score, the beaming was still in pairs of 8ths, so I went around the loop again and again until it stuck. Very odd. Is there a log I can send you to debug? The notes certainly didn't have any beam override properties as I needed to sort this out in measure 8 of the score, and all I had done was add "normally-beamed" notes up to that point.

As for the time signature question - Renaissance polyphony often uses a 3/1 time signature, which, as you know is 3 whole notes in a measure. This often indicated one beat in a measure (because of the augmentation of the note lengths relative to modern notation).

Since I couldn't get MuseScore to beam 8ths in whole bar lengths, I was trying to figure out how one might do something to a Renaissance time signature with a one-beat measure that was a dotted half-note, that would then automatically beam as 6 x 8ths. However, since I MuseScore then obliged with the beaming, after I'd posted, that then became a superfluous question.

All good at this point - and 3.6 is indeed a great update! Happy to send any logs I can if you think it would be of use.

As mentioned, what we'd really need is a sample score and precise steps to reproduce. The problem is almost certainly in one of those places. There really isn't any sort of log that would be possible to generate or helpful in investigating.

You can create a 3/1 time signature if you like. A meter with one dotted half per measure is of course otherwise known ad 3/4, so that's the right one to use, and you can alter the appearance if you like in the dialog (eg, to use one of the "mensural" options).