Is there a way to cut the note values of a whole score in half

• Sep 29, 2021 - 02:53

I have one score with 4 part piece and another in which I want to add the harpsichord part. One score is in the original note values with mostly whole and half notes. the other score has been modernized and the same notes have been changed to half the time, ie half notes and quarter notes. Sorry I am an amateur and there is probably a name for this change. It is a piece by Palestrina, a ricercar.
Anyway, is there any way in Musescore to cut the time in half so i can have the harpsichord part in the same time signature without re entering the whole thing. I have all the notes in a Musescore edition, but they are in the whole note / half not predominant arrangement. (Sorry for my explanation, both pieces show cut time as the time sig)


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