Chord Symbols doubled in linked staves

• Sep 27, 2021 - 22:07

A client wants to have the bass part for a song to have chord symbols as well as tablature. The bass part and tab has already been written, but when I went to add chord symbols, then went to look at the bass "part", I saw two chord symbols for each one I had written. Deleting one also deleted the other. What's going on?


Here's the long version of how I got to that screen shot:

  • Created a new file from a saved custom template that included an Electric Bass instrument with a linked TAB staff
  • Created the music on all staves
  • Created separate parts, sent out PDFs to the musicians
  • Contacted after the fact, was asked to include chord symbols as well as the TAB for the bass chart
  • Using Command+K, typed in chord symbols to the bass clef staff in the score
  • Clicked on the Electric Bass "part", and found that the chord symbols appeared twice

A fellow MSer was able to see the doubled chord symbols when I sent him the file, but he was easily able to create a new instrument and copy the information over, and the chord symbols were back to being single, and sent me back the file, which worked on my computer.

  1. Remove that Electric Bass part
  2. Delete the linked staff from the Electric Bass
  3. Add it back
  4. Generate the part of it

No more duplicate chord symbols

I think there is part corruption going on here. I got MS to crash a few times while editing those chord symbols from the main score.

I was the 'fellow MSer' who attempted to help.

I couldn't duplicate this behaviour.

Copying the content into a new linked pair of staves resulted in a Part that worked properly.

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