Changing multiple notes to small size in one action?

• Sep 26, 2021 - 04:43

Hi, I'm having some trouble figuring out how to select multiple notes (could be 20-30 or more notes in a passage covering several measures) and "batch" change all the notes to small size in the inspector. Whenever I select multiple notes and open the inspector, it immediately switches so that only a single note is selected. I can change only that one note to small size and need to repeat the process for all individual notes one at a time. There's probably a simple way to do this to multiple notes that I just haven't been able to find - can you please let me know? Thanks


Regarding changing the notehead type (shape) of multiple notes at once, this is simple to do by selecting the notes and dragging the desired notehead shape from the palette. Is there a similar process available for changing note size?

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Ok thanks Jojo. Just to clarify it isn't possible to select a whole measure (by clicking inside that measure) or select a group of measures and change all the notes in the selected area to small size? I was trying to go about it that way. The ctrl+click or cmd+click method works well instead though. Thanks for the reminder about the other post from last year that also involved selecting and editing multiple items

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It's quite simple to use the Inspector to change all notes in a range selection (eg, a whole measure, or many measure) at once. First make the selection. The Inspector clears because you have multiple different types of things selected, but click the Notes button within the Inspector and now only the notes are selected. Then you can click the Small box for all at ocne.

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