Hiding instrument staves or switching between instrument staves without removing any instruments

• Sep 25, 2021 - 04:46

Hey Musescorers!
I have been racking my brain about this for hours, looking through the various online tutorials and the Musescore online handbook and I'm at a TOTAL loss. I'm trying to write a score for voice and organ where I can hide the organ or voice part when they are not required. Does that make sense to anyone? If not, let me explain. There are sections in the same score where I want to show the organ only (i.e. with no voice part above it). Similarly, there are places where I want the voice to be solo (i.e. without any organ part showing below). I can't find any way to do this, and yet I know that in other music softwares, this is possible. I've seen it in choral parts, opera scores, chamber music scores, etc. I'd love any and all help from you Musescorers out there who are likely far more proficient with this wonderful software than I am.

Looking forward to your response!
Thanks so much!


What I'm getting is that you want to know how to hide an instrument when it doesn't have any written notes on its staff.

Format --> Style--> "Score" --> [check box] "Hide empty staves within systems"

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