Can't activate plugin

• Sep 25, 2021 - 01:54

I'm probably missing something easy and obvious, but try as I might I can't get the batch export/convert plugin activated - using 3.6.2

Followed the link to download the plugin, opened the zip and moved the folder to documents>musescore>plugins.
Opened MuseScore, didn't show in plugins.
Plugin Manager>reload plugins - still not showing.
Re-boot the machine, tried again - not showing.
Repeat - Re-boot the machine - no luck.

Question - does it work with mscx & MuseScoreXML - or only PDF?


Just checked to be extra sure: this does work for me

It is Documents > MuseScore3 > Plugins though, at least for me, Windoes 10
If that isn't the problem, try loading the Plugin, the qml file into the Plugin Editor/Creator, On Load, or Run, you may see some error messages that may give a hint at what is going wrong.

Your 2nd question: that plugin converts to and from any supported format:
I've now added that image to the plugin page here and on GitHub

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Thank you!

The batch converter works great on my ‘old Mac’ – Mojave 10.14 – running MuseScore 3.5.2 - using same download that won’t work on the new machine.

Was really happy to discover that this plugin is part of MuseScore – thanks! - it's great program, good support team, I recommend it to all of my customers.

Had to replace the old Mac a couple weeks ago, graphics card is dying.
New machine is using Catalina 10.15 and I upgraded to MuseScore 3.6.2

Over the past couple days I removed and reinstalled MuseScore in the new machine, tried everything I could think of a couple times to get the plugin to show up, made sure MuseScore has access - but I'm really not very adept with sorting out "computer/software" problems.

It finally occurred to me to try the old machine.

It works. Two little glitches.

Most of the files I’m working with were made in 3.5.2 and got ‘cannot read’ warnings when I opened them. I clicked IGNORE – about 150 times - and then everything worked fine.

Doing the batch export, got the same error message, I clicked IGNORE – about 150 times - and everything exported and looks fine on both machines.

There are hundreds of mscz files that I’m saving as mscx, xml, musicxml and pdf – and having to click IGNORE both coming and going is a nuisance. Not difficult, but takes a few minutes each time.

I really would like to get it going in the new machine – but I can’t tell whether it’s MuseScore creating the obstacle for recognizing plugins or the machine.

These two are in: documents>MuseScore>Plugins

But neither shows up in 3.6.2 new machine, both are fine in 3.5.2 old machine.

And there’s a mysterious MuseScore folder that always appears in the new machine outside the documents folder – open it and it shows all the usual folders - but all are empty. I’ve tried trashing it, reboot, reinstall, and it always appears – but not in 3.5.2 on the old machine.

Any suggestions, ideas, etc?


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