Musescore3 - harmonies

• Sep 24, 2021 - 22:37

I need to be able to plot soprano/alto lines on the same staff, and tenor/bass lines on the same staff.
Can someone help me with a plugin that allows me to plot a half note on the soprano line and 2 quarter notes on the alto line in the same position on the same staff?


Not sure what you mean by "plot", but no plugin is needed to have SA on one staff and TB on another. See for how it is done. Please be sure to avoid the common mistake of using voice 1 for soprano, 2 for alto, 3 for tenor and 4 for bass. Use 1 for soprano, 2 for alto in the upper staff and 1 for tenor and 2 for bass in the lower staff.

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Traditionally, when composing SATB, opposite note stems are use within a staff to help identify what pitch is sung by which part -- especially when dealing with voice overlaps on rare occasions. If your attention is be more of a comprehensive piano piece, you will need to analyze the two stave of your composition to see which pitch share the same rhythm--duration. You can than assign pitches with comparative rhythm as "voice 1" and they will share a stem (like a chord); Pitches on a staff (i.e. SA -- Treble Staff or TB -- Bass Staff) with contrasting rhythm can then be separate voices with the bottom voice as "voice 2" and only those notes will have the opposite stem direction. This method is the easier way to edit AND read rhythmic difference among pitches.

If for some reason you don't want to follow what was mention above, you can always select a stem, and use the inspector to change its direction to fit your need.

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