Slur across staves and line ending

• Sep 23, 2021 - 20:33

MuseScore 3.5/3.6

I'm working on a piece of music in which the harmonic line moves from the tenor voice to the alto voice, calling for a slur from the tenor note (in the bass clef) to the alto note (in the treble clef, in the next measure). But as it happens, a line ending intervenes between the notes, at the measure break. So the partial slur needs to be in the Above position extending from the tenor note before the line ending, but in the Below position coming into the alto note after it. It appears this is not possible.

Any insight on this?


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The way to attach just isolated measures would be to delete everything else, and do a "save as" to make this a separate file, and attach that. But sometimes that makes the problem away, so no worries about attaching the full score as long as you let us know exactly where to look.

I'm having trouble understanding exactly what you are looking for here. There's a whole bunch of slurs in those measures, including what appears to be two separate overlapping slurs just within the tenor part. Is that really your intent, or was that an attempt to solve the problem by adding an extra slur? it seems you solved this by manually twisting the slur into shape, that's probably the best solution indeed. Although I'd have done it with the shorter one on the second system.

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Thank you for weighing in. Let me try to explain. Yes, there are several slurs there, one in each voice (in the lowest voice it's actually a tie). The middle voice is the one I'm writing about. The harmonic line in that middle voice moves from hand to hand, and thus from clef to clef and staff to staff. The slur in the middle voice occurs at a change of hand and staff, and also incidentally at a line break. The presence of the line break is what is complicating matters; were it not there the slur (as I have shaped it) would leave above the C4 and arrive below the B3. Because of the line break it comes in above the B3, which because of the slur in the voice above is not ideal; technically one might say, not even proper. It's not a show stopper. I just wondered if there's a way around it.

Is there a reason not to place the B3 onto the same staff as the C4?
The system break is easier to manage regarding the slurs. Also compare the look of the B3 and C4 when on the same staff:
No need to show the bottom example with a system break. That's what you're grappling with.

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Your last example is what I would want, but the line break there (which I cannot easily move) is preventing that. See my reply to Marc Sabatella about why the B3 is on the upper staff.

I've attached a PDF containing an extract of the two systems that include these measures, with the line break in that place. You'll observe there the effect I'm wanting to achieve, with the slur leaving above the C4 and arriving below the B3.

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