Length of file names, Where MuseScore files any work we do, and difficulty accessing those files

• Sep 23, 2021 - 10:15

Where does MuseScore save scores to?
I am told: Library tab, at bottom of MuseScore mobile phone app
I have NEVER needed an app for MuseScore on my phone WHY would I do this?
Yesterday there WAS a heading “scores” in drive C this morning it’s gone?
I have become aware of an instability in MuseScore recently (my favourite programme) Latest version update: 3.6.2. updated yesterday.
I have 200 plus scores saved on my computer and I am now having great difficulty to access them?
Also, and I have mentioned this recently, after using MuseScore for several years I now have to reduce the title description because the titles are too long and I cannot open the file? I believe this to be accumulative, i.e. MuseScore adds up all the text from the first file, 2nd related file, 3rd related file etc etc.
File 1, song title
File 2, Piano and Clarinet file
File 3, Piano part Combined
File 4, Clarinet part files
I need to do this because I finally save the piano parts as MP3 converted parts. Which I use to accompany myself for my clarinet when I perform publicly, as a single entertainer.
Am I pushing MuseScore too far? It has all worked very well for the past 3 years?


The mobils apps (Android, iOS) are not being dealt with here on musescore.org, but exclusively over on musescore.com

Anyway, the MuseScore Editor (Windows, macOS, Linux) saves its file where you tell it to. MuseScore never ever deletes any score, so if you saved it it'd still be there, unless you used other means (Explorer, Finder, etc) to remove them, or you're suffering from some hard drive failure

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Hello Jojo, Thank you for your explanation. I was aware of MuseScores total saving capability, I just did not know where it saved them after I found 2 (TWO) "My Document" folders on the screen, both showing different files. One had approx. 30 files and the other, the main one I use showed approx. 90 or more files? I have decided to use the MuseScore storage of "Scores" but that has difficulty in finding it too? I now know that I have not lost any of my scores and that they are there somewhere. Many thanks, Barry A

MuseScore saves file wherever you tell it to. When you first save a file, the dialog that comes up allows you to select a folder. The default is, whatever you selected last time. If you've literally never changed the default, the scores go to whatever is specified in Edit / Preferences / General, and the default is Documents/MuseScore3/Scores.

MuseScore also allows you to select the filename when you first save a file. It defaults to something based on the actual title of the score. If it's an unusually long title, you'll have an unusually long filename. Most OS's allow for pretty long filenames so it shouldn't be a problem, but if for whatever reason you've entered a title and hence filename longer than what your OS supports, simply change it in the dialog before saving.

Nothing about this has changed any time recently. Without looking over your shoulder, it's difficult to guess what you might be doing differently that is causing things to look different to you, but perhaps another set of eyes (finding a friend or family member or consultant you can hire locally to pay a visit) can help sort out your confusion.

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Hello Marc... What would I do without you?
Thank you, I believe you have answered my file problem completely.
As you have done previously.
I did download a program called "RESTORO" and I believe this is where the problem started.
Restoro has been deleted
Thank you again
Barry A

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