How to use alternative fonts?

• Sep 20, 2021 - 23:22

Hi everyone! Is it possible to use another music fonts, not only Leland, Bravura... Or maybe I can edit these fonts? I can't find these fonts on computer. I need to add a few noteheads for drum notation.


There is no way to add fonts other than to compile the sources yourself. But, are you sure the head you want isn't in the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display)? Bravura is designed to contains the full range of symbols that are contains in any standard SMuFL-compliant font. So if there is a font that has the symbols you want, it's presumably in Bravura. Can you describe the symbols, or better yet, show samples?

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You mean that's meant to be seen as one single notehead that encompasses both the X and the circle? Indeed, that combination isn't part of the SMuFL standard and hence is not supported by modern standard-complaint fonts. But the circle symbol itself, as is circle with slash; they are also part of Unicode. So they can be added as separate notes, or as normal symbols, or even special characters in text.

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Another simple approach would to make images of these, sized correctly and with an appropriate amount of whitespace below them. Then you can add them from a custom palette very simply with a single click and they'll already be positioned perfectly.

As for why third party fonts aren't supported, it may indeed happen someday, but so far, it's the open source nature of MuseScore that actually argues against this a bit. MuseScore is open source and is all about sharing, and we encourage users to share their work, providing the platform to facilitate this. If people are using custom notation fonts, though, that gets in the way. Not saying it's a reason to never allow this, but it is a part of why there has been reluctance. Also historically, until the SMuFL standard came along relatively recently, there were no other compatible fonts out there. But again, since it's open source,e you can do this directly already, that's part of the beauty of open source.

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