Too many issues to describe on latest install Musecore nightly

• Sep 15, 2021 - 17:29
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S3 - Major

I have downloaded Musecore nightly

Hoping to move forward from Musescore3. Unfortunately it seems a step back. The update looks great so congrats to team.... but, I fully understand this could just be a bad revision but I want to understand what should I do.

I uploaded one of my old files. Two instruments have been tuned differently. (A major 2nd out. a bit painful) I cannot find the menu to change the guitar string data. The mixer button sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Crashing has also happened several times. I think this was logged

The curser is running at 80bpm but audio is 120bpm

Export to audio is not working : "An error occurred" no more debug information I am afraid

I tried reloading the file on Musescore3 but obviously I have saved it under Musescore4 so won't go back. Not a disaster I can work around but inconvenient.

Any help appreciated

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OP's Question: ..... I want to understand what should I do .....
My Answer: Be patient -- after all, it was a nightly build you downloaded.

The last stable version is 3.6.2. And it doesn't conflict at all with the 4.x development builds. You can have 3.6.2 installed and running and at the same time try out these development builds

Files saved with a 4.x development builds are no longer compatible with 3.x (or earlier) Same was true for 3.x, those files were (and stille are) not compatible with M2.x (and earlier). And same story with 2.x vs 1.x...

Possible workaround currently (4.x to 3.x) is to save it as mcscx rather then mscz. Or (in any case) as MusicXML

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To be clear: there is no 4.0, wer'e still not at even alpha stage. It should not be expected that nightly builds of the master branch will be usable at all.

But that said, if you're not interested in using it, just helping test it, I encourage you to join the Discord channel and discuss possibile testing strategies with the developers working on it. I don't know if we're actually at a point yet where it makes sense to use the issue tracker. Probably when the alpha release happens there will be a well-defined process for submitting issues with that.

Meanwhile, though, since there is no one specific issue here with precise steps to reproduce, I'm closing this. Chances are the things you are seeing and hear will be addressed before alpha, but if not, hopefully by then there will be a clear process for how to report them individually.