3.6.2 MIDI Controller not working!!

• Sep 14, 2021 - 18:04

started app with console using -I (capital i, shows midi outputs in console) and all I get back is

midiNoteRecieved: pitch 60, chord 0, velocity 51
Internal error: shortcut <> not found
unknown cmd <>
midiNoteRecieved, pitch 60, chord 0, velocity 0
Internal error: shortcut <> not found
unknown cmd <>

I have tried factory settings, uninstalled and reinstalled musescore still to no avail


I'm not familiar with that option, but it looks like it output two MIDI note events - a note on and a note off for MIDI pitch 60. Presumably that's exactly what you actually entered at the keybaord. Can you be more specific about what you were expecting?

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I just added a Nektar Impact LX25 keyboard controller and experienced the same issue. Somehow I got around it... here is what I did: (MuseScore 3.6.2 using Mac OS 10.13.6)

Download "MIDI Monitor" app and run it. It will give you instant feedback on what the keys, buttons, faders, etc. on your keyboard are doing. Every keystroke sends at least two midi events: ON - OFF. You need to select the Midi Out channel to your keyboard as well as its input midi channel in order for both events to communicate with your keyboard.

Set your Keyboard to its generic "learning" midi mode. If the keys are already mapped to a DAW, then it won't work with MuseScore.

Barring your ability to place it in a "learning" mode, then reset your keyboard to Factory Default. Mine came with a DAW preset loaded, which may have caused confusion. (You might reconsider this if you want to also use an already-mapped DAW)

  1. Turn the keyboard off. Turn the keyboard on.
    Using MIDI Monitor, check to see that your keyboard is sending and receiving data and to which channel. It must send and receive in order to work.

  2. Boot up MuseScore (it must not be running before the keyboard is turned on).

  3. Go to MuseScore "Preferences" : I/O
    Select your keyboard in 'Midi Input" and also in "Midi output"

  4. Go to MuseScore "Preferences": Note Input
    Check all boxes.
    Select a red button and press the associated key/button on your keyboard. If the green light comes on...you have a successful mapping for that function to that key.

Save the keyboard presets to a "MuseScore Preset".

Hope this helps

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