Composite meters: dual meter ("Zwiefacher")

• Sep 11, 2021 - 10:31

I am trying to engrave a time signature for a composite meter like this:

The meaning of this time signature is this: the two meters are used in an alternating way: the first measure has 3/4, the second 2/4, the third 3/4 and so on.

I can split the measures manually and engrave the music, but I'm having trouble with the meter indication (signature). I've also seen similar examples without the separating barline between the two meters.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Something like this?
Create a 3/4 bar, a 2/4 bar and a 5/4 bar.
Change the properties of the first two bars to 1/4 and 1/8.
Enter a rest in the first bar and make it invisible.
Fine-tune the position of the time signatures and barline in Inspector,
Make the 5/4 invisible.
Split the 5/4 bars to get your 2/4 3/4 alternation.

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