Repeat measures?

• Sep 10, 2021 - 22:03

a bit confused how to implement the following using repeats:

Want to play 1 measure intro, followed by N measures of groove, and ending 1 measure of fill, then go back to groove.

Please see attached pic.

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Are you asking how to write that in standard music musical notation? A DS and a segno is how you tell a human musician - or MuseScore to jump back to a given location.

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It's confusion having a repeat and DS on the same measure - that's likely to confuse people, and I'm not sure what the intended behavior is there. But, the main problem here seems to be that you've set the "play count" to 4 for that last measure. So it's trying to follow that. If you set it to a smaller value you'll see it take the DS sooner. Mostly, though, I think you should probably delete the repeat.

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Be advised that in your attached file, RepeatsJumps.mscz, you need to carefully inspect the final measure.
You will notice a \ (backslash) below the D.S. This is actually a bogus 'D.S. al coda' masquerading as a \ .
Click on it and delete it if you wish your score to play properly. Then the 'D.S.' will be only jump at that location - and less confusing to MuseScore's playback engine.

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And to be clear: that's how human musicians read charts as well. Unless otherwise specified, all repeats are taken exactly one - both repeat barlines and DS. For repeat barlines, you can add text to tell a human musician to play multiple times. and then also modify the measure properties to get MuseScore to do so as well. For DS, it should never be possible to play it more than one. DS markings always say either "al Fine" or "al Code", meaning you will stop at the Fine or jump to the Coda, and you'll never encounter the DS again. A musician who somehow found themselves back at a DS a second time would be extremely confused, wondering what happened to the Fine or Coda they were expecting.

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Hi Marc thankx for clarification. I wrote this (as with many other grooves) for myself when practicing a particular groove. Allows me to weave in and out of grooves with fills, starting off with an Intro.

So i get what you are saying in the real world of charts, etc. But for playback with musescore, i would like to repeat the groove as many times before going to the fill and back to Segno to repeat the exercise.

Is there a way to accomplish this other than adding many double repeats for the groove before reaching the fill?

hope Im not confusing the issue

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MuseScore obeys the conventions of standard notation as practiced by human musicioans. Repeats within repeats are simply not a thing; they are disaster waiting to happen. Best to simply write out (eg, via copy and paste) the inner repeater section.

You can also simply turn on loop playback if it's something handled that simply.

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