Unwanted imported image showing up in aleatory measure in the middle of the score

• Sep 10, 2021 - 21:16


I'm customizing time signatures' symbols, importing SVG image files directly on the measure I want them. Nevertheless, one of these images is kind of ghostly appearing in measure 49 (MS file attached), despite I have not put it there.

Other curiosities about it, I have so long noticed:

  • I'm not able to delete it; actually not even to select it.
  • It disappears with a zoom of around 200%.
  • Apparently, it doesn't show up on the exported PDF file.

How could I exorcize this ghost from my score? :)

Thanks in advance!

I'm using MS 3.6.2 in Ubuntu 20.04
Imported SVG files created in Inkscape

Attachment Size
perc_aquim_21-c.mscz 117.58 KB


I guess I managed to solve it in the meantime:

I apparently inserted the image in measure 34 and somehow moved it far way outside the limits of the page by accident.

I changed the view to Continuous, where I somehow could find the exact place of the ghost image. Selected it, changed to page view, hoping to keep it selected along with the view changing, what did happen, then deleted it.

The change of view mode was only formal - to have better control of unwanted layout and spacing changes that could eventually happen after deleting the image (due to automatic placement).

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