How to put a b-flat trumpet part into score with other parts

• Sep 7, 2021 - 14:25

I am trying to combine the sheet music for a choir (SATB plus piano) with trombone and b-flat trumpet parts. Pasting the trombone part into the SATB is easy, but because the b-flat trumpet part is shown as it is played, not as it sounds, pasting this part into the score does not produce the right sounding notes. How do I change the b-flat trumpet part so that it will copy into and sound right the SATB file? Or is there a better way of doing it? Thanks,

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It's hard to diagnose problems from just pictures - better to attach the actual score. but if everything is set up properly (eg, when using the defaults), copy/paste between instruments of different transpositions should work perfectly right out of the box. With concept pitch on, you'll see the notes at sounding pitch, with it off, you'll see them at written pitch, but either way, you will always hear them at sounding pitch.

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Trumpet_&_Trombone.mscz is not set up for a transposing instrument at all, just for a non-trnasposing one in a key signature of B-Major/g-minor.
Hint: if for a transposing instrument the key signature doesn't change when toggling the concert pitch button, something is wrong...
It (as well as the other)does seem to stem from a MIDI import (as per looking at the instrument names), then an XML import (as per File > Score properties)
Try the attached instead. I changed Instrument to Trumpet, transposed to Ab-Major/f-minor, copy/pasted accross

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