Phantom slur mark, sometimes visible, sometimes not

• Sep 5, 2021 - 17:54
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In Windows 10, I have a slur that appears in the MuseScore 3 program between two staves, measures 66-70 and 71-75, on the third page of the score. It appears when the program shifts page 3 into view and is partially erased when the playback cursor passes through measures 71-75.

(To be more precise, the slur appears when the left-most edge of page 4 comes into view. I can drag the score slowly to the left and this is when the slur suddenly appears on page 3. If I then slide page 4 out of view again, the phantom slur vanishes.)

I cannot select the slur as I can others. It does not appear on an exported PDF file. It also does not appear when I "save online" and use the iOS MuseScore app to view it.

The first real slur in the score comes later, in measure 81.

When I export the piece to an uncompressed .musicxml file, I cannot find it. The first slurs there look fine, one starting in m. 81 and the next in m. 82.

It seems that it must be a display issue in the Windows MuseScore app.

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It's a wandering or errant slur which has somehow got moved. Right-click on a slur, any slur (not a tie) >Select >All Similar Elements and press [Ctrl]-r which sends all slurs back to their default positions.

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underquark - that worked, thanks for the suggestion. I rarely touch the slurs at all but can't say I never do.

I unzipped the .mscz files for the before and after versions and compared the .mscx files. Three lines were in the old version that are not in the new:

The offset for x looks very suspicious. I know nothing about the MSCX format details but my guess is that this has to do with spurs spanning two or more staves.

I tracked down the location of the slur in question on page 4 (as I suspected), and it's on the baseline of measure 106, where it looks just fine.

I also have a copy of the .mscz file from early June that does not have the problem.

So I wonder how this happened. Since June, I've made only minor edits. I occasionally adjust the "layout stretch" to make a score fit on a certain number of pages or if one section looks crowded. Could this have made the slur span two staves and become confused?

I have also occasionally hit a wildly wrong note on my keyboard while in Note Input mode. It seems that this wouldn't touch slurs, especially since I recover using Undo/Ctrl-Z.

Anyway, thanks again.