"Marker" i.e. coda/segno size

• Aug 31, 2021 - 23:27

I've got really small codas and segnos now for some reason. When I select one it's called a "marker," but I can't find that anywhere in the Format/Style menu to change. Is there a way to change these all together or do I have to select everyone in every part?


Click on a Segno or on a Coda and then, in the Inspector, increase the pt value in the 'Text' area.
To apply the setting to all such elements, click on the 'S' to set it as the new style.

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Ah, if the score came from MusicXML import, that could well explain non-standard sizes. Best when importing to immediately do Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+R, then Format / Reset Text Style Overrides, and then Format / Style / Reset All Styles to Default. This will correct any suspect overrides that were present in the MusicXML file.

Shouldn't happen with scores you export to MXL yourself, though, unless I suppose the files were originally also imported from that format. Be aware this is not a lossless conversion - you're saving only a "least common denominator" representation of your score, for use in other notation programs. if the goal is to continue working in MuseScore, always work from the actual MuseScore file, not the exported MusicXML file that will by definition be missing much of the originally formatting information.

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