Stems too long on beamed grace notes

• Sep 6, 2014 - 11:55

In the attached example, note that the stems are too long on grace notes either before or after the note.

Moreover, it is also difficult to adjust the lengths manually. I succeeded once, but since then I have not been able to adjust the first note in the pair.

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Beam Example.mscz 1.72 KB


To edit the length of the stems for beamed notes, double click the beam, move the left handle.

Apparently for beamed grace notes, the default is for the stems to be the same length as regular notes. Whereas for non-beamed grace notes, the stems are shortened proportionately. I assume this is a bug as it makes no sense to do this deliberately. Could you file this to the Issue Tracker?

I wonder if this bug, "Stems too long on beamed grace notes", issue 32591, is being ignored because it is thought to have been fixed. An identical bug, "Beamed grace note stems too high", issue 18933, was fixed in July 2013, and a similar bug, "Stem lengths for grace notes too long", issue 3795, was fixed as of Oct. 2010. Either it didn't really get fixed or this is a new regression.

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