Playback: let ring

• Aug 25, 2021 - 17:28

At the moment "let ring" line behaves exactly like sustain pedal of piano. If it is possible, it would be more natural if for instruments with "tab notation" option it would behave differently - it should not sustain note indefinitely; note should stop ringing after other note on same string is plucked. It can be imitated with a lot of hidden ties and notes, but i did so in one of my arrangements, and it is a bit too bothersome to do it every time.

Also, support of sostenuto pedal would be nice, but not as important, i think


You can achieve reasonable results by using the Piano Roll Editor and/or hidden tied notes, (as you say), but it's quite labour intensive - so I've written a plugout. You can check it out using the link below and the next version will process tuplets and arpeggios correctly. The plugout is free and includes all source code.

There are a few other places where ring should stop:

• When the natural decay of the note is reached
• On most chord changes fretted strings are released and should stop ringing
• On explicit mutes or ghost notes.

and the plugout supports these situations.

Plugout Details:

Here's some background info that led up to the plugout.

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