Custom Time Signature not consistently showing up in parts

• Aug 24, 2021 - 21:21

I created a custom time signature in a score of mine, and it shows up fine in the score. (Screenshot 21) It's even showing up in some of the parts correctly. (Screenshot 18) However the custom time signature is not showing up in all parts. I've tried replacing the time signature in both the score and the parts, and that hasn't fixed it. (Screenshot 19) However, interestingly, in the parts in which it's not showing up correctly, it's showing up correctly on the previous system, but not on the actual system in which it occurs. (Screenshot 20) I've also tried deleting the parts, that didn't work. I could try it again, but I've already invested hours into formatting these parts, so I would like to avoid that as a solution if at all possible, but I can try that, worst case scenario.

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