Question About Inputting Exercise/Line Numbers in MuseScore

• Aug 21, 2021 - 16:38


I was wondering if anyone knows how to input exercise or line numbers before a line in MuseScore to differentiate between exercises in a list. This is commonly done in books like "Xylophone Instruction Course" by GH Green and "Modern School for Xylophone" by Morris Goldenberg, and I was hoping it would be possible to do automatically in MuseScore for a student workbook.


Rehearsal marks are a good choice indeed. And you can customize the text style if you like, to position them differently, remove the frame if desired, etc. But if you want the numbers immediately to the left of the staff, a horizontal frame with text is a good choice too. Or use text frames between the exercises.

If you attach a sample score and explain where you'd like them positioned, we can advise better.

Thank you for the responses! Adding text to a horizontal frame worked great. I had also found that reformatting the measure numbers worked pretty good too for less margin space, but that was a lot more work than just a horizontal frame. Again, thank you!

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