Wrong numbers appear in a tab staff with two-digit numbers, in vertical writing, and from the treble string to the bass string

• Sep 6, 2014 - 08:25
S4 - Minor

For example. If the top is E6, and down:

I want to write


But it comes out


The correct notes are played, but after I type them in the text gets all funky.



Can you detail please what you do, step by step, to get what you describe.

EDIT: Ok, I think I understand. You place the fingering one above the other (as a chord). Indeed, it seems to have a problem :(
I check, and I add a new comment.

I think you have find a new bug, alas! :(
In the sense of bass to treble, that's correct.
bass to treble.jpg

But in the opposite direction, it's very unexpected.

So, for the first two numbers (15 and 13), it's ok.
treble to bass1.jpg

But when you enter the third number (14), it removes the second (13)!
treble to bass2.jpg

And when finally you enter the fourth number (12), the four numbers back, but with a wrong result (15/10/17/12, instead, as expected: 15/13/14/12). What the hell?
treble to bass3.jpg

I look at other implications associated with linked staves in particular, to see whether the normal priority or critical.

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Title High Notes on Tab does not Show corrrectly Wrong numbers appear in a tab staff with two-digit numbers, in vertical writing, and from the treble string to the bass string

After checking with linked staves, and copy-paste, there is apparently no crash.

Yet the problem is clearly significant, with a bad result and display notes and numbers.

Regarding my first tests, the issue occurs when the numbers involved are equal and above the number 10.


- And only (subject to further checks) in the sense treble to bass.

In this latter example, the number 1 is deleted from the first string from the input of 12 on the second string.

4 number.jpg
I let normal priority, but I'm not sure of myself: these results are very unexpected.

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According to my checks, it seems that this specific issue appeared on August 21.

Nightly, August 21 (8aofd79): correct

Nightly, August 21 (53a33ec): wrong

I tried to read the code again, I do not understand much...again! :(

I just hope that this patch does not change the algorithm in its latest update there is about two or three weeks, ie the fact that a note of Voice 2 don't "steals" the place of a same note, entered before into Voice1.

I used it several times to my full and complete satisfaction, and I think that's real progress.

Can you reassure me about this? Thanks :)

Thank you to reassure me. Great new :)

For the other fix you mention, there was not one, but two bugs. It caused a major issue lately, and Marc came just before the beta1 release, almost in urgency (I think I'll remembering this evening for a long time ... I was glued to the screen, and I imagined Marc delve into the code to find the culprit and wring his neck !)
Great moment! :)
After one hour, two bugs were fixed.
An effective response seen the results. Then, I am simply unable to have a relevant opinion on a side effect or not :(
So I wait for now forward to the new patch :)

cadiz1 - love your dramatic telling of the story! :-) There *was* a pretty big flurry of fixes in the hours leading to the Beta.

But yeah, I am not terribly surprised to hear that fix might have broken something else. Either way, the new code looks nice and clean :-)